Yearly Maintenance

I've been a Falling Leaves customer for nearly 10 years and have used both their lawn care and landscaping services. The staff is responsive to calls and requests, the work is done timely and to specification, and the quotes for fees are dependable. My investment in the lawn care and landscaping has been money well-spent and my yard looks great.

Falling Leaves Lawn Care provides a full range of services which have been divided into three levels of service. Each level is designed to meet your particular needs. All plans offer a regularly scheduled Turf Care Program which provides fertilization, pre and post emergent weed control, and lime. These services are performed on a routine basis at the optimal time in order to receive the most advantageous benefits. For cool season turfs we recommend and can include yearly aeration and over seeding of Fescue lawns for any of the plans offered below.

Basic Plan – If you want professional turf maintenance only

  • Mowing, edging, and trimming all turf areas
  • Blowing off curbs and hard surfaces

Standard Plan – If you desire a professionally maintained property that “stands out”. Includes all services offered in the basic plan plus:

  • Trimming and pruning foundation shrubs and bushes
  • Leaf management
  • Spot spray weeds in beds
  • Ground cover and vine control, English Ivy, Vinca etc
  • Scalping of dormant warm season grasses

Premium Plan – If you desire a picture perfect presentation year round. This plan features our highest level of Proactive Management and a detailed level of attention – giving you the freedom to enjoy your favorite activities. This plan includes all the services in the Standard and Basic plan plus:

  • Trimming and pruning all shrubs and bushes
  • Deep hand pruning
  • Raise tree canopies or prune to maintain form, prune to remove dead wood or shape for Crape Myrtles
  • Hand weeding in beds
  • Higher level of supervision
  • Proactive management of landscape needs
  • Fertilization of plant material